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    ‘Turn your redundant telecoms or IT equipment into money’


    OPD are always looking to source ‘off desk’ telecoms and IT equipment, perhaps you have moved office recently and have changed your phone system or computer network? Or may be you are in the trade or a corporate or government department looking to shift stock, just call or contact us.

    OPD offer fair prices or can help with certified disposal of electronic waste

    Sometimes equipment is just too old to have any value but it still needs to be disposed of, to satisfy regulation. At OPD we can help get rid of this problem, just call, we want to help!

    Listing the equipment correctly prevents double handling, saving time and money.

    If you do this properly first time it will save time and hassle, so here is some advice

            - Try and find the part number of the product as this will define it properly, it is usually on the product label on the side or underside of the product

            - The product name is also often on the label as described above.

            - Count carefully and if there are different coloured products (like phones) then tell us

            - Sending images is very helpful.

            - If you are unsure call us before spending loads of time and we will help


    Packaging properly prevents damage

    If you do this well, there is less chance of damage as OPD won’t pay for broken or damaged stock.

            - Make sure all items are wrapped individually, bubble wrap or any padding

            - Make sure product is packaged in sturdy boxes and nothing rattles around

            - Seal the boxes securely and ideally note what is in each box.

            - Try and use as few boxes as possible but make sure no box weighs more than 25Kg


    'OPD want to make life easier, so call or contact us now, we are ready to help!'