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    The OPD virtual warehouse


    ‘Make your Telecoms and IP stock more visible; store it in our virtual warehouse’


    OPD have plenty of our own stock in our warehouses, but its never enough, we’re always looking for more. Trouble is we don’t want to keep spending money on storage, hence our virtual warehouse.

    All we need is a stock list and your stock becomes visible to our international partners and customers

    Once we have a stock list we will load your stock onto our data base and it becomes visible to all our sales and purchasing staff and as a result it will be visible to our customers and partners.

    The Deal

            -  Provide us your contact details

            - Provide OPD a list of any stock you wish to store in our virtual warehouse

            - We will load it onto our stock management systems and then its live

            - If we get any interest we will contact you and you will let us know what your sale price is

            - OPD will try and sell your stock.


    ‘No obligations, no cost just more visible stock’