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    Refurbish, Upgrade and Repair


    ‘If your telephone system does the job then there’s no need to change it’


    So IT is all the rage and you may feel under pressure to ‘Tech Up’, but chances are the phone system you have and all the telephones hanging off it, is perfectly adequate for the job. Its reliable technology, but its getting a little older and yes, things do go wrong.  But, more than likely there is plenty of life left in the system and we at OPD want to help you extend the life of your communications network until you are ready to upgrade.

    Consider refreshing or upgrading your telephones to save money

    At OPD we can help extend the life of your telecoms hardware and get those tired phones looking good again


    This is our area of expertise so take advantage of our knowledge and efficiency. We can supply refurbishing solutions for your tired phones and we can do it all: from a simple hygienic clean to full ‘Good as New’ (GAN) refurbishment. We can even offer advance replacement solutions, so contact us or call so we can understand your needs.


    Telephones manufacturers are like car manufacturers they always feel the need to upgrade a model! If your phones are old there may well be a newer version that runs off the same telephone system. OPD may well stock this phone or be able to supply it, so contact us or call to discuss. You can get a new look without the headache of learning how to operate a new telephone system!

    Repair and Maintenance

    OPD stock or have access to many spares and parts for a range of telephone systems, in addition we can repair or replace faulty equipment quickly and cost effectively.


    ‘OPD want to save you money and extend the life of your telecoms network’