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    'Easy to change and cheaper than BT'


    Dispelling the Myth

    You might think that you need to be with a big name company like BT, Talk Talk or Virgin, otherwise you might have an unreliable network, or inaccurate billing. This is NOT true, regardless of who you use to provide your telephone lines the actual Network you use to make a call, will not change. When it comes to billing all the call data is provided by the big brands anyway, the difference is that a small providers like OPD have much lower overheads and therefore don’t need to charge you as much!

    The Same Network at Lower Prices

    You will not find an easier way to save money than by switching your supplier of telephone calls and lines. Fill in our Contact Us form or call us on 01189 703 872, and be saving money before you know it. When contacting OPD let us know your: name, number, number of lines, current supplier (BT, TalkTalk, etc...) and the price of your current monthly bill. This will enable us to generate a quote for you. 

    The OPD Deal

           - Business line rental and call charges much lower than BT

            - Competitive, flexible tariffs, tailored to your phone use

            - Keep existing phone numbers

            - Easy to move, just call or contact us and we do all the work

            - One bill for all calls and line rental

            - One point of contact

            - No long contracts, 30 days notice


              'OPD always looking to save you money'