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    The Consignment Stock Service


    'Let OPD help you sell your redundant or slow moving products'


    How about you consider putting some of your stock in our warehouse? Don’t worry we will audit and manage it, but more importantly we will market and try to sell it for you using our web platforms and diverse and extensive customer base. In essence we increase the visibility of your stock which improves the likelihood of you selling it.

    ODP can turn your redundant used stock into money

    The stock can be used or new we don’t mind; we will provide monthly activity reports and if its second user, we will use our refurbishing knowledge to add value, we will do our best to sell your stock.


    'If OPD sell your stock everyone wins'


    The Deal

    It’s Transparent, we both know the costs and we both know the sale price, so all we have to do is agree the split, so call us to discuss.

    What do we do?

    - Hold your stock in our warehouse

    - Record and manage any stock movement activity

    - Pick, Pack and Ship any product we sell

    - Send you a monthly report on any stock activity

    - Send you purchase orders for your share of the stock we sell

    - You invoice us and we pay in under 30 days


    ‘The more visible your stock is the more chance you have to sell it’